A few nuggets to chew on as we get ready for the best 2 days of the year, during which, by the way, I'm going to try and blog.

First, closest to home: LIU shouldn't really complain about being a 15. The Blackbirds didn't have to go to Dayton, and they get to play a HUGE tv game with UNC. Should they probably have been a 14 or 13. Yes. But let's not act like they should have been a six. Go enjoy the ride boys.

I think UConn should have been a 4, but I don't think a 3 was unfair. I think the talk of a 2-seed was crazy. People seemed to only want to look at the last week and not the whole season.

A few upset picks for you:

Oakland of Michigan over Texas, Belmont over Wisconsin, and Michigan all the way to the Final 8. I love Izzo and I think the Spartans are starting to come around.

I love Temple over San Diego State in the second round. I don't think the Aztecs shoot over the Owl zone.

My final four, however, is Ohio State, UConn, Pitt and Notre Dame, with OSU beating Pitt in the final.

Shoot me emails while you're pretending to work watching games tomorrow, I'll try and respond during the games.

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