The good news is I think I have an answer to what's killing my home computer. The bad news is it might be a few days before I get it fixed. 
So in the meantime, I'll be blogging from work when my schedule allows. I'm hoping to do the UHart game from CCSU after the game so that we can get this up as quick as possible. 
So for now, let's talk UMBC, an ugly win that goes in the books as a win, which is what matters. 
Central has three kids who can score in bunches. But the other players are going to have to learn to get some of their own if the Blue Devils are going to have a big year. Three kids are better than one, but you don't like seeing the same kids have to be the answer night after night. Eventually defense will catch on. 
The assist totals were way down, but the turnovers were as well, a great sign. Central didn't rebound well, but got big ones when it mattered mot. That's the kind of game this was, you had to sift through the bad stuff to find the good. 
Let me do that for you as we go man-to-man. 

Joe Efese: Not the dominant effort of last week, but three blocks are nothing to sneeze at. Still, if he doesn't rebound better he will lose playing time quickly. Way too many fouls, too. 

Ken Horton: I'm starting to think he's going to average exactly 21 and 9. Far from his best effort, but he was huge down the stretch when it mattered most. 

Kyle Vinales: He shoots a lot, but not too much, if that makes sense. He's a volume shooter without being a ball hog. The key here is how much he cut his turnovers down. 

Malcolm McMillan: Played poorly, but showed some toughness by getting up after taking a shot to the head. 

Robby Ptacek: Another hot and cold kind of night, but another clutch effort when CCSU needed him. Eight of nine at the line is another big number. 

Adonis Burbage: Made a three, giving CCSU another shooting threat. Didn't have a lot of numbers, but continues to fill minutes. 

Shelton Mickell: Didn't hurt the Blue Devils with turnovers. Had a steal. Not a big night, but a steady effort. The fewer mistakes the freshmen make, the more Central can win. 

David Simmons: The player who stands to gain the most if Efese's minutes were to go down. Three rebounds in five minutes is a nice ratio. 

Terrell Allen: Three huge rebounds late, two offensive rebounds off missed free throws. Those are the little things that win games. 

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