Wow. On offense, CCSU had a 10-0 run, another 10-0 run, and a 17-0 run. All before halftime.
Amazing stuff. Robby Ptacek continues to be confident, looking like a much more aggressive player who suddenly can't miss.
Ken Horton has settled into his 20 and 9 type nights. Consistent and very good, but I haven't seen him take over much. The end of the UMBC game he did, but not often. Though you could easily argue he hasn't had to.
Also, I wouldn't get too worked up over this one if I'm a Blue Devils' fan. Central played very well, but Hartford is one of the poorer teams in the country, at least right now. The Hawks are young, but they have a long way to go.
Central has work left to do as well, but let's look at the work they did today by going man-to-man.

Ken Horton: You know, now that I look at his stat line again, I have to retract some of my earlier statement. While he's yet to really dominate, he was 8-of-9 today, stopped taking as many threes, had three steals and two blocks in one of his best defensive games, and didn't commit a turnover. I'm not sure what exactly it is I want him to do.

Terrell Allen: Started in place of Joe Efese and did ok. Two steals and a block, but only one board and three fouls. Not his best night by any stretch.

Kyle Vinales: He gets marked off a little for doing almost all of his damage after the game was well out of hand, but his shooting display in the second half was impressive. His four-point play came on a three that reminded me of Larry Bird in New Orleans against the Hawks when I was a kid. When he gets hot, he's unstoppable. By the way, four assists to only three TOs. Huge improvement. And I'll give him those points back for playing with emotion and being just as happy when someone else scores as when he does.

Malcolm McMillan: Six assists, five boards and better defense. Good to see him back on track. And after that shot he took Tuesday, good to see him up and about at all.

Adonis Burbage: Added a bit of scoring to his usual versatility. Turns out he can score. Who knew? Seriously, if he can make a few shots and take some heat off, he really becomes a good energy guy. He's flirting with a spot in the starting lineup according to coach Howie Dickenman, but I kind of like him in his current role. Still, CCSU NEEDS a fourth scorer eventually.

Shelton Mickell: A second straight game where he made a helpful contribution off the bench.

David Simmons: His numbers always seem to be lower than what he brings. Perhaps the energy he provides makes him seem more productive, but he just always seems to be doing something out there so far this year.

Joe Efese: Didn't have a good start to the day (see previous post) and didn't make matters any better by turning the ball over and committing two fouls in his two minutes.

Mark LaPorte: Always nice to see him get in the box. He got everyone fired up by drilling a 3-pointer in the final seconds.

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