Well, the water was really pretty.
The freshmen learned about Niagra Falls and what it's like to play on the road.
Some of what we've seen from the frosh has been spectacular. Some of it was frustrating. Such is life for a team that wheels young players in an out of the game so often.
You'd like to see the older kids step up, and one did, but you also have to let the freshmen learn. This team is going to be much better in March than it is right now. But the trip there will be wild.
In bursts, Central was amazing Monday night. For other bursts, the Blue Devils were maddening. It's hard to even point to the 19-point lead because of how early it was and how quickly it was gone, but those are hard to come by and should be treated with better care.
Again, a brilliant and maddening effort all in 3 hours.

Let's see who was what when by going man-to-man.

Joe Efese: Seven boards and five fouls shows he was throwing himself around. The offense might be starting to come back a bit as well.

Ken Horton: Another 20 and 9 night. He also demonstrated he can take a backseat when another player is on fire, as Kyle Vinales was tonight. Few stars are willing to turn into Robin when someone else is wearing Batman's cape. Horton should be commended for that. However, with Vinales having fouled out and Central in a dogfight, Horton can't foul out with a minute left. I don't want to hear good call or bad call there. He has to be there when his team needs him. Everything else about his night, however, you'll take.

Kyle Vinales: His 39 were a freshman record at CCSU, the fourth-highest point total ever, and the most since Tristan Blackwood scored 40 on RMU in 2007. Vinales was 11-for-16 for 29 points.
At halftime.
At one point, if my notes here are correct, he led Niagra 23-16.
The kid makes free throws, and obviously is oblivious to the pressure of DI basketball.
The turnovers might cost coach Howie Dickenman his hair this year, and I've only seen a player commit three fouls in four minutes unintentionally maybe two other times in my life. But if he's going to keep scoring like this, you just hope the bad goes away with experience. I won't be as hard on him about the fouls because he's so young, but he should want to stay on the floor while he's shooting like that. Dickenman went back to him earlier than I thought he would with four fouls as well.

Malcolm Mcmillian: Played most of De'Angelo Speech's minutes, and with six boards, five assists and two steals, you'd think he might again Saturday. But 4 points and 5 turnovers make me doubt it. But again, good signs.

Robby Ptacek: The only starter not to foul out, I was expecting him to go off in overtime. But it wasn't to be. Still, 16 points and 7 boards and much more involved in the game tonight. Much better.

Adonis Burbage: Not many numbers to show for his 20 minutes (save for four fouls). But he does some good things out there. Perhaps he becomes an energy/glue guy type in the future.

Shelton Mickell: There's the freshman I heard so much about. It was only one spurt, but you started to see some of the promise from him tonight.

De'Angelo Speech: Got quite a wakeup call tonight. Defense can only earn you so many minutes. Ask Devan Bailey.

Mark LaPorte: Good to see him in the box. He works hard and deserves mention on occasion.

David Simmons: He wasn't bad, but if Efese is going to be tough and grab rebounds to go with some points, it will become harder for him to see the floor. At the very least I like him as a backup.

Terrell Allen: In the same boat as Simmons, though I wouldn't read too much into any one night's minutes. If you haven't noticed, they tend to change.

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