Sorry I've been AWOL a couple of days... was sick Tuesday and really busy yesterday. But there's a preview of tonight's game online and in the paper. I think I stumbled upon something there.
A fellow member of the media who doesn't cover Central but follows them told me this week that the team had a big hole in the middle. I said Baskerville had been playing better, and he pointed to his chest.
"The middle in here," he said.
While I'm not ready to call Central heartless, I think my point today was correct. The Blue Devils need their leaders to lead, starting tonight. I know the Blue Devils have leaders, I've seen it. I know Shemik Thompson is tough, and two years ago I saw Ken Horton absolutely take over some games before he got hurt. Now it's time for them to take over the team and get Central a critical road win tonight.
The key is to do it the right way. Thompson must do it by having his typical effiicent game, not by trying to score a bunch of points by forcing offense. Horton must do it by being a defensive force and rebounding well, then playing a patient offensive game (only open threes and lots of work on slips and such).
If the Devils get effective leadership, this should be a win. Guys trying to lead then to win. Guys trying to be heroes don't. The Blue Devils, I think, are old enough to know the difference.

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