Monmouth Wrap Up

This was simply just an example of a night when Central says "we have Ken Horton and you don't". This afternoon I said he and Shemik Thompson would have to lead Central to a big win on the road, and that's exactly what they did.

A couple numbers: Ken Horton had his 25th 20-plus point game and has passed Howie Dickenman on the all-time list, and is now tied with Dwayne Jones for 23rd at 1,154. He has a legit chance to break the school's all-time scoring mark next year if he keeps this up.
Shemik now stands at 1,161, 21st all-time.

If the Blue Devils can win at home Saturday, they can start to rebuild the momentum they lost in Hamden last week.

Now, since I still feel lousy and I have to be up very early for the Rock Cats luncheon, let's get right to man-to-man. Hope to see you all Saturday afternoon.

Chris Baskerville: Nowhere near where he was the last couple of nights, but still gave the Devils nearly 20 minutes in the post. Must be better, but we'll give him a pass after how well he did last week.

Ken Horton: Beastly. 28 and 14 with one turnover. 10 of 14 from the floor. 6 of 7 at the line. If he can turn that one block into 2 or 3 while still having those kinds of offensive numbers, he will be the NEC Player of the Year.

Shemik Thompson: Almost exactly what I was asking from him. 12 points and five of just about everything else, except turnovers, of which he only had 2, which he made up for with 4 steals. Great effort.

Devan Bailey: Made his first couple of jumpers and looks more comfortable taking them all of the sudden. Had an early turnover, but so did everyone else. I think Marc Robbins had two in the first 10 minutes.

Robby Ptacek: Still not getting to the foul line all of the sudden, and couldn't make many jumpers tonight. The four steals, however, helped him find ways to contribute despite the offensive struggles.

Vince Rosario: Just glad to see him back after what he went through. My guess is his shot will come back eventually.

De'Angelo Speech: A very solid effort. Defense, offense and grabbing three boards. Central will need more than 10 minutes out of him, but he looks like the Speech we got used to seeing early.

Joe Efese: The sophomore slump continues, but at least he's looking more aggressive. He's getting shots up, and the two blocks were a great sign.

Terrell Allen: A little bit of everything in 17 minutes. With Central's bench getting short, he will have to become a more consistent factor.

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