As is often the case with things like this, I got some interesting quotes that I couldn't get into either of my stories. But since I have this space as well, I thought I'd share them with you here, especially considering the subject matter.
Obviously the "he"s are referencing Rich unless otherwise noted.

Senior Jeff Marino:
"It seemed like time stopped. When I was told I didn't know where I was or what had happened. I never thought anything like this would happen. It's very sad. Everyone just can't believe it."

"My mother came downstairs and told me she got an e-mail and said something happened to Rich. I picked up the phone. Jeff Logan had called me. He told me what happened. ... There was just silence on the phone between me and Jeff for like 2 minutes. We didn't know what to say."

"His commitment and dedication towards everything was unbelievable. Everyone fed off of it. But as soon as practice of the game was over, he was back joking around. He was a great person."

"We know that as a team and as a family we'll be there for each other. And we'll always think about Rich as a great guy and a great person."

CCSU coach Jeff McInerney:
"There's no road map. I feel like his father. I have to get through it. I'm not that tough. I'm up and down with it but I have to help get the kids through it. ... We have to love each other and hug each other."

"His effort was tremendous. His practice habits were tremendous. That alone made his teammates better because when you have a player who practices right, it makes everyone follow. I didn't realize before this year what a perfectionist he was. The first year I didn't recognize as much how hard he took defeat. I told him many times not to be so hard on himself. I told him the game's no fun if you're always mad at yourself. He was very hard on himself but a wonderful man."

"Him and Alondre Rush, I got two letters about them from R.A.'s about what great kids they are, leaders, nice people. He's beloved over there [at his dorm]. He made people smile."

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