My story on the class is up on the Herald's site, hope you'll check it out.
Overall I think the class fills some needs, particularly in the front 7, where Central is going to lose a bunch, the secondary, and at wideout. There's more coming next week.
Here's a few quotes and observations I couldn't get in. As always, Mac is CCSU coach Jeff McInerney.

Gerry Basadonna: Mac called him hard hitting and a great player.

Jalen Hill:
"We signed him last year and he had to go to prep school. Great player who's going to make plays," McInerney said.

McInerney LOVES Shawn Robinson. I actually bought it when he said he was surprised they got him. From his voice, I could tell it wasn't coachspeak.

The next wave will include defensive tackles, a position Mac says they need more of.

Jordan Kittrell has a chance to be a star at WR according to his new coach.

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