We'll obviously do a lot more on the year as a whole and the playoffs, but let's focus just for a minute on the game tonight.
Offensively, you saw signs of life from some of the other players who had gone missing recently. That's a great sign.
Defensively, you saw very little from the Blue Devils, a disturbing trend that has developed in the last 3 weeks or so.

So on a night when we learned that CCSU will host SFNY at Detrick Thursday night and we stop to say thank you Hokies, let's play man-to-man.

Joe Efese: Not sure why he hasn't taken off this year. The turnovers have been a problem. I think the quick hooks he is prone to get from Howie Dickenman might have something to do with it, but I'm not sure. It's a double-edged sword. You want him to stay out there and find a groove, but you can't watch him give the ball away too many times and let it continue. I think he really puts it together next year.

Ken Horton: Drifted outside a little too much, just as he did the first time these teams played. But hey, if that's where the opening is, take it. 23 and 10 with only one turnover. You want me to complain about that?
I'll be on a conference call I think Tuesday during which he will be announced as the NEC Player of the year. Get there early Thursday night if you want to see him be handed the trophy. Be ready to watch him defend it next year, too.

Shemik Thompson: He's alllliiiiiiivvvvvveeee! Eight assists and his shot was discovered. If he keeps it up, that's a great sign.

De'Angelo Speech: Rushed a couple shots, but played with some energy.

Devan Bailey: He MUST stay out of foul trouble Thursday. It has been an issue for him a lot lately for some reason. Also, having him knock down a couple mid-range jumpers as he was doing about a month ago would be great for Central as it tries to break the zone.

Vince Rosario: Speaking of breaking zones... and no I didn't plan that, he was the next name in the box. Five shots in five minutes! Well, if you make 3, you can do that. And we all know CCSU needs another outside shooter.

Mark Laporte: Shoot it!

Robby Ptacek: Like Shemik, Robby found his shot in Brooklyn.

Chris Baskerville: Very nice game inside. His only issue, at least on offense, is doing it consistently.

Terrell Allen: Not much to say here about his two minutes. He had been growing on me.

Justin Alexander: Look, I'm not in any way saying he's ready to play 20 minutes right now. But you can DEFINITELY starting to see it click a little bit.

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