Ok, I know this post is now a game behind, but I couldn't get to it this afternoon.
Still, I wanted to get to some questions. In the interest of time, since I have tonight's game to do too, I'm going to basically just give answers.

The only individual effort I can think of that's better than Ken vs. Quinnipiac was Tristan's 40-point night in 2008. I only go back to 2005, but Kenny Saturday and Tristan Blackwood vs. SHU were the best.

That said, this stretch of basketball is the best I've ever seen in person. Ken Horton is literally carrying a Central team that has decided to stand around and watch him grow into an all-time CCSU great.

I did ask Howie about that last play vs. QU, as I was asked about. Basically it was a multi-option play that broke down.

My own thoughts, not Howie's are that Shemik looked like he wanted to do anything but take the last shot. He could have driven but, again, this is just my opinion, looked like he didn't want to get fouled and go back to the line. As he backed up, Kenny kind of followed him and the whole thing hit the proverbial fan. I'll tell you what I'll do. Next chance I get I'll transcribe coach's whole quote on the play, because I find strategy stuff fascinating.

Robby Ptacek is more banged up than he'll ever admit. But, as the old saying goes, if you can play, you can't say you're hurt. And in his defense, he won't. I think he's just a shooter in a slump right now.

Shemik was terrible that day, he'd be the first to tell you that. But he wasn't the only one to miss free throws. There were five others, any one of which would have made a big difference.

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