The post game press conference with the players last less than four minutes, which I am 99 percent sure is the shortest of the year by far. Howie Dickenman's press conference was less than nine minutes, or a little more than half as long as usual. And the only reason it went that long was because I asked him a couple of questions for an upcoming feature.

My point in telling you all that is this: No one wanted to talk about this game. It was ugly. Central is lucky to have escaped with a win. So I'll say two things about it.

First, it got done, which is what matters, and it sets up a huge showdown Saturday with the Bobcats.

Now let's go man-t0-man so we can go right to thinking about Saturday and be done with this one for good.

Shemik Thompson: Anytime you have more steals than turnovers, it's a good night for a lead guard. He needs to find his shooting touch again, however.

Joe Efese: The good - 2 blocks and a steal. The bad - 3 to's, only 1 board.

Devan Bailey: Well, he didn't have a boring night. The intentional foul was an awful decision, there's no way around it. One's he's by you, let him score. But he made two nice defensive plays after that, which makes up for it, as does five assists and one turnover while chasing Shane Gibson around all night.

Robby Ptacek: He'd be the first to tell you he didn't have a good night, but he did make a couple big shots down the stretch. And he played 36 minutes. He's a tough kid.

Ken Horton: Considering the way he started, 1-of-4 from the floor and a shocking 1-for-4 at the line, you have to consider it a great night. He made five of his last six shots, stuck five threes in the second half, and grabbed seven boards. To be honest, I could have done without the blowing kisses routine, but he was aiming at the Central students, not showing up the opponent, so it's not a big deal. And I can tell you from personal experience he's a wonderful kid, so there was no malice intended.

Vince Rosario: I told you it was coming. Three big 3-pointers, including a sneakily big one late in the first half that stopped a SHU surge and got Central to the break in front, which was big from a momentum standpoint. His defense seems to be improving, too.

De'Angelo Speech: Solid defense and did a little bit of everything.

Chris Baskerville: Scored his points, and grabbed four boards in 15 minutes. I'd have liked to have seen more of him perhaps. The matchup might not have been a great fit.

Terrell Allen: Good close out made Greenbacker's shot at the horn that much harder.

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