Well, it wasn't boring, was it?
The good news for Central is that this wasn't some great tactical failure that can be exploited by other teams like the Wagner meltdown was. This was simply a case of one team getting hot and the other one saying "go ahead, we're up 30. Have fun."

The problem with that is two fold. For one, it's really easy to develop bad habits. Secondly, it's really hard to turn that switch back on once you've packed it in emotionally. Think about when you have to study for a test. Are you more likely to do it if you just get right to it, or after you take a nap?

Central gets a win, and I don't have to be a part of the team's practice today, which I have a feeling will be, ahem, interesting. The Devils better get ready to play 40 minutes for a change Saturday night, as those bad habits will hurt at Robert Morris.

Let's play man-to-man.

Joe Efese: Well, he was physical. He made up for his turnover with a steal, but that's about all I can say about his night, other than it reminded me of a story from some years ago that has nothing to do with him that I can't tell here. Someday, when I write my book.

Ken Horton: Brilliant in the first half, disappeared a bit down the stretch. I fear he's getting tired. The Central bench has to play well enough to give some guys a break. I think when Speech is 100 percent again, that will help. Was great to see him get active on defense, however, with the four steals.

Shemik Thompson: 14 of 18 at the line. 6 boards, 4 assists. Aggressive as all get out. Gutty effort.

Devan Bailey: A Devanesque effort. Nothing to complain about here, other than his foul numbers continuing to increase.

Robby Ptacek: The MVP tonight. Shot well, got to the line, sunk the free throws, had some helpers and boards, and played 39 minutes. Career high in points. Fantastic.

Vince Rosario: Boy, if only the kid would stop being so shy about shooting! Seriously, he's starting to hit them, so throw them up.

De'Angelo Speech: Central is just glad to have him back, even if he bricked a bunch of free throws. Getting him back to causing chaos and bringing energy will be big. It will also help ease the minutes for some other guys.

Chris Baskerville: 9 and 5 in about half the game. He and Joe Efese can combine to be a heck of a center.

Terrell Allen: I couldn't help notice Bruce say he's going to a be a good one after the question I got the other day about the freshmen. He certainly shows signs, he just has to get consistent about it.

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