On the spring game of course.

Offensively, it was a show of efficiency and ability. The quarterbacks missed something like three passes all day, and Gunnar Jespersen looks much more comfortable that he did last year. Having never played football I don't always get how that works, but sometime between November and now the light went on. Not that he was bad last year by any means, but he doesn't look like a guy figuring things out anymore.

Raul could still very well be the number one wideout come the fall, but Denzell Jones made his case for the spot. He is a physical and athletic specimen with the speed to beat corners and the height to jump over anyone he doesn't beat. No wonder this kid is a jumper on the track teams.

Take a minute and look at my story at No, that's not just a cheap plug. Look at the picture, taken by the talented Mike Orazzi. Jones came down with the ball. I think, with a few more months of training on routes and the "little things", Jones could be a force.

Coach McInerney said after the game the plan was still to make Jones the QB in 2012, but if today was any indication, I'd almost rather let someone else be the QB and have them throw Jones the ball all day.

Not that Central needs to throw all the time. Kevin Woolfolk looked wonderful, and Central's offensive line has the chance to be very good, returning four starters. I will admit that McInerney pulling Brian Fowler at halftime (who I spoke to after and is fine) worried me a little, but everyone tells me his injury shouldn't be the recurring type. Still, having Woolfolk and Chris Tolbert around to ease Fowler's load will do wonders for Central.

You might be able to tell from my story that I'm torn about the defense. I started the story with the intention of being more critical than I was, partly in an attempt to be fair to the opinions of those who thought it was OK and partly because it hasn't been fully taught yet.
So I'm willing to change my F to an incomplete, but there were certainly few A's to be given out. The front seven has the chance to be solid, but the secondary is a work in progress.

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