There wasn't room tonight for a full spring preview, so I'm going to post a bunch of stuff here.
Here's some now, and I'll post more after deadline tonight that you can read before the game.
First, a quote from the coach on the team's progress in spring.
"Offensively I think we're way ahead of the curve," McInerney said. "We have four senior offensive linemen. The one position that's open really is the right tackle position."
Redshirt Dave Sabilia was the first of the bunch McInerney mentioned of the group competing for the job, but we'll see if that means anything.

One key he mentioned is that a good performance in the spring won't win anyone a job. He has said in the past that the spring can produce leaders in the clubhouse for jobs, so we'll see how that develops. I'll have a better feel in the week after the spring game.

The other position to watch is wide receiver. McInerney thinks Raul DeBenendittis will have a "breakout year," so I'm looking forward to seeing him work with QB Gunnar Jespersen. It may be that I was close but incorrect in that CCSU needs a No. 2 to emerge, not a No. 1. Matt Tyrell anyone?

Speaking of QB, Denzell Jones is the "heir-apparent," according to McInerney. He will play receiver this year, then move to QB next year. There is NO plan to do the 2-QB thing, but, like last year, I'll believe it when I see it from a Mac team.

As I said earlier, Brian Fowler is in fine form. Looking forward to seeing him. Worried about the shoulder getting hit, but as long as he's not, he'll be fine. Nate Pagan is developing into "a stud" according to Mac. It would be nice to see him have a bounce back year. Kevin Woolfolk provides depth. Dennis Spadaro should be at fullback Friday and in September.

That's a look at the offense, I'll turn the field around to the other side of the ball later tonight.

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