First, one more offensive note. I forget if I mentioned that Mac thinks Gunnar has made a "huge jump." We'll see how that looks today. I kind of figured he would with more time with the system.

We'll see how the new defensive staff looks today, though I don't expect any or at least many changes in the philosophy. Mac did imply there would be some more (or at least different) blitzes, and says the D will look very similar to UConn's.

"We were pretty good in our base defense but we weren't very good with our blitz stuff," McInerney said. "We tried to attack last year, it just didn't work well. I think we've done a lot of good things that I feel really good about. Some of the hard part (about playing defense this spring) is that we're going against the best offense in the NEC."

Mac likes the D-Line, though obviously Rich Royster will have to be replaced. By the way, I'll be mentioning that at several points during the season... please, please, I hope no one takes offense to any wordings I may use. Going to try really hard to be sensitive. Obviously, his loss as a human is what matters most, and I'll be talking about how CCSU plans to honor him as soon as it tells me, but from a football standpoint he must be replaced. Central can't play with 10 on defense. So please don't think I'm being cold.

Linebacker will be a strong point with Lawton Arnold and Isaiah Boddie. Markeith Crenna is someone to keep an eye on. Central has the chance to be very young in the secondary, so we'll see how that looks. It's a little scary. But the good news is there are a number of options, increasing the chance of finding some good ones.

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