Going to do part 2 of what to watch for in the morning, but I'm not leaving you empty-handed.
I have an answer to a question, and half a scoop.

You wanted me to ask Mac about Central's scheduling philosophy. He told me, as I've told you before, that he wants to play better teams at home, but it's very difficult to get those teams to come here for a variety of reasons.

One of those, besides getting someone to come play a road game for the reasons I outlined yesterday, Central has limited chances to play home games because it has to go play games like at UMass to make money. So take two chances off the table right away. Or at least one a year.

So I did some further digging, and here's what I know for now. The Southern game worked out because Central needed a home game and Southern had an open date. But CCSU.... and here's your half scoop.... is hosting Patriot League teams the next two years. I don't know who yet.

My GUESSES are Fordham and Colgate.

Defensive breakdown in the morning.

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