Still plan on doing a much longer one of these, but I didn't want to keep you waiting for some insight any longer. Been going through one of our busier stretches at work, and hope to have a routine soon that will let me get back to this and finish up hoops talk.

I have lots of email to get to, too.

But as promised, here's one of our last man-to-man's of the year. I'll have a more detailed one soon, including quotes.

Justin Alexander: I know fans will be disappointed since some people see a taller guy and get excited. Don't give up on him. Coach Howie Dickenman hasn't. I don't know that he's ever a star, but he might start to help next year.

Terrell Allen: I loved what Howie said about Allen being too nice, I thought it was a really honest comment. I think you might start to see more of what you saw at the end of the year next year, but after Joe Efese's strugles this year, we've learned not to get too crazy abotu a run at the end of the year.

Devan Bailey: Dickenman was harsh in his assessment of Bailey when I talked to him last week. He's going to have to score more if he wants to play next year. It's that simple.

Chris Baskerville: Starting to come on, I think he starts next year, at least early.

Joe Efese: It's in him, we've seen it. But he has to stay out of foul trouble and must be more active early. Sometimes you can wait for the game to come to you, and sometimes you have to go get the game. Or in Joe's case, get some rebounds.

Ken Horton: No reason he doesn't win player of the year again next year if he plays the full season. Has a chance to make himself some good money if he has one more big year.

Mark LaPorte: Make the fans happy and shoot it! Unless the shot clock is off.

Robby Ptacek: Interesting to see if healthier feet get him back to being aggressive. CCSU needs the Robby Ptacek who draws fouls and uses that ability to make the d respect him and let him get more shots. Also, has to make some more of those open shots.

Vince Rosario: Is going to a DII school, hopefully local.

De'Angelo Speech: I think being able to settle into a position will help him get consistency. My pick for most likely to break out next year.

My starting 5 next year: Horton, Baskerville, Speech, Robby Ptacek and a freshman. I'll pick Kyle Vinales for now.

That leaves a VERY deep bench of Dave Simmons, Bailey, Allen and the freshmen.

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