Ya, I know, it happens to me every spring. I have all the grand plans to blog, spend time coming up with all this stuff I want to tell you, then end up having to do more non-CCSU stuff in the spring and never get to much of it.
And this year, helping out with the Cats coverage has taken me further away. But before I go to bed tonight, let me try and get some blogging done.

I thought while I try and reclaim all the thoughts and plans I had, I would just do a mailbag for now, which I'm writing after watching CCSU's Evan Scribner debut with the Padres. Two scoreless innings of a debut by the way.
Instead of typing out the full questions, I'm just going to touch on some things for tonight. So read close, your question is probably covered, even if you don't see the question itself listed.

Going back to some of the wrap up stuff on hoops: I think CCSU's biggest focus is shoring up the PG position. Devan Bailey can't play the underclassman card anymore, it's time for him to step up. As Howie said last month, defense is nice, but it can't be the only thing the PG does. There are two freshmen coming in who could push him. But competition might be the best thing for him.

Another player I was asked about is Joe Efese. For him to see more time, the recipie is simple, He has to rebound better, and he must stay out of foul trouble. There are times when it feels like he can pick up a foul while checking into the game for the first time.
But those two things can tend to come with experience. If he matures, he can be a force. We've all see him do it (see the end of his frosh season). Now he has to do it consistently. His development could be a big key next year.

My prediction on a lineup would be Horton, Speech, Simmons Bailey and Ptacek with Baskerville, Efese, Allen and a freshman or two giving Central some rare depth. It's going to be weird seeing a Central team with a big frontcourt rotation (at least in the form of options) and a lack of experienced guards.

As for football: I'll have lots more to say about this by early next week. Going to spend Wed. on campus, looking forward to talking to a lot of people and catching up on things.
I'll be better able to answer a question about Brian Fowler's return by then, but I expect him to go right back to being the top back. His injury wasn't a knee where you'd worry about him losing speed. You just worry about it getting hit the wrong way.
Running backs tend to get tackled a lot in football you know.

I will definitely try and ask about the schedule philosophy. But I'll give you the same answer for now I often do, because it is the main problem smaller schools have. Remember, there are two sides to these things. Would CCSU love a UMass to come here for a football game? Sure.

But why would a bigger team come here to play in a (for now at least) very small stadium in a no-win situation? We'll use UMass as an example. If they win, great. If they lose, they get ripped. You're happy to play that kind of game at your place, but not on the road.
So I don't think it's an issue of Central not trying to get some big name school to come here and play football. It's just a lot easier in hoops where one loss is much less likely to harm your season. UMass hoops comes here and gets drubbed? They have 28 other games to fix it. Football, one bad loss and your playoff dreams are greatly damaged.

Without having seen them yet, I will say that I expect the Devils to go back to a run-heavy type of attack. There are questions at receiver (not that there aren't good options, but there isn't a clear cut stud No. 1 yet) and Fowler is a beast. Gunnar Jespersen can run, too.
Plus, as much as he might even want to change, I can't see Coach Mac doing so. He's a run and get stops kind of coach.
The question is, can he be an FCS Tournament coach this year?

Ok, that's it for your 2 a.m. blog. Lemme see what I can dig up this week and get back to you. And congrats again to Evan Scribner on fulfilling a dream.

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