Wrapping up football

After a long night in the office, I'm back to break down the night.
We'll do a couple of football thoughts here, then I'll make a separate post for hoops.
Not much to say about the game itself today. Central did what it had to against a badly overmatched team. The defense looked its best of the year bar none, but the competition was such that I'm not sure it mattered much.
What did matter to the players is that they have won the NEC, or at least a share of it. And the really good news? Gunnar Jespersen is back to lead the offense next year.
There will be expectations, and with them, pressure. The Blue Devils will have 25 seniors next year and return many of the big pieces from this team, so anything less than an NEC title would be considered a disappointment next year.
Check Sunday's Herald for a recap and Monday's paper for a follow up.

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