Oh deer

Ok, you have two reminders and the longest post of the year below that I would love for you to read, but since I was just talking about this with a friend I wanted to tell you.
Remember when we first started on this blogging journey together and I said I'd try and tell you an occasional story form the road trips? Many of them I end up unable to tell for various reasons (no, nothing illegal or sordid happens,), but these are the kinds of little memories I'll take with me someday from my first beat. Someday I'll have to redact some names and write one heck of a book.
We're coming back tonight (me and the people I rode with, I wasn't with the team), get around a curve and a deer has taken up residence on 91. Not has run across the road, but has just decided that's where he's going to stay.
So we swerve out of the way (thank God the road was empty) and even as we pass right by, the darn deer never moves. We miss him, but he wasn't even bothered to move. I think I'm more shocked by that than I was scared.
So if you're reading this Bambi, thanks for nothing.
For now, good night my blogging buddies. Let me know your live chat thoughts, send me emails, and read the Providence wrap. Some good stuff in there, at least I hope so. I still need names for some of the recurring features, so send me those as well.

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